MTN Sports (KRTV): Americans Assistant Walsh: An American On and Off the Ice

By Brenna Greene, MTN Sports (KRTV)

February 2, 2016

“He disappears into the ground for a couple day at a time here and there,” said Great Falls Americans Head Coach Jeff Heimel. “But he does a good job and he’s able to manage his schedule well.”

Mike Walsh is not exactly your typical hockey coach.

“Surprisingly there wasn’t much push back,” said Walsh. “Luckily the people I work with have done a great job of being able to help with my schedule so I can make it to games and practices.”

Walsh is a member of the Air Force, but he’s a lot more than that, as he played for Air Force’s hockey team.

Having a coach that participated in Division I hockey is a huge help for the current Great Falls Americans players who all want to achieve that goal.

“It helps a lot because he knows exactly what he’s talking about since he’s been there, so he kind of gives you an idea of what the next level is like,” said forward Wade Wylie.

As a coach you may think what motivates the military man is winning and losing, but it’s actually what Americans forward Wade Wylie just touched on.

“It’s fun coaching them just because I’ve been there,” said Walsh. “I’ve been in their shoes. That’s really what drives me. Being able to share my own experiences with them and allow them to learn what I’ve done and help them get there.”

Great Falls Americans Head Coach Jeff Heimel says Walsh’s positive outlook on the job has not gone unnoticed.

“He just brings a lot of energy and passion for the game. He enjoys the game. I think it just translates into him coaching. He really has the respect of the guys.”

“It adds a lot of fun,” said Walsh. “It gives me something else to do than the day to day work stuff. It’s really kind of a love for the game.”

Story Courtesy: MTN Sports (KRTV): (February 2, 2016)