GF Tribune: Why I Wear What I Wear: Connor Barta

Connor Barta Why I Wear what I wear photo GF Tribune

Americans captain showcases team outfit

By Jessica Gray, Tribune Reporter

GREAT FALLS, MT., March 6, 2016 — Connor Barta plays defense and is the captain of the Great Falls Americans hockey team. He grew up in Great Falls and graduated from C.M. Russell High School in 2013.

He is wearing his home jersey, which is white, red and blue with the new Americans logo on the front. It has the letter “C” on the left shoulder to identify him as captain. On the right shoulder is the North American 3 Hockey League logo.

Under his uniform is protection equipment including chest pads, shoulder pads, elbow pads and shin guards to be sure to protect him from flying pucks, striking hockey sticks and the collision from other players.

His skates are Bauer Supreme MX3. He chooses to wear Bauer Nexus 800 gloves instead of the team-issued Easton brand.

“These gloves move really well and are a little better than the Easton’s in my opinion,” Barta said.

He wears the team-issued hockey helmet with a full cage because last year he broke his front teeth without it and his parents told him he better put it on or he would be paying for the dental work on his own.

Barta is proud to wear the the American’s uniform and says the fan base in Great Falls is the reason he decided to stay in the area.

“If you wear an American’s t-shirt or sweatshirt around town and people come talk to you,” Barta said. “It’s pretty amazing actually.”

Story Courtesy: Great Falls Tribune (March 6, 2016)