GF Tribune: Letter to the Editor: Proud of Americans hockey team

By Duane Bolender, Great Falls resident

Proud of Americans Hockey Team

On Sept. 19, I attended the annual picnic at The Lodge Retirement Home along with my wife, whose mother is a resident there. As a past-president of Great Falls Youth Hockey, I was surprised to see the Americans Hockey Team there. I do not know any of them and they don’t know me, but I watched to see how they handled themselves.

Were they sitting at a table off to the side looking at their watches to see how much longer they needed to stay? No! They were helping to serve the food and running the kids’ games that were set up on the lawn as well as helping the kids. They were bringing desserts out to the seniors’ tables and walking around talking to them. They were very polite, courteous and respectful.

Great Falls should be proud to have these young men in our community. Hats off to these young men, Coach Jeff Heimel and his associates and owner Jim Keough.

Story Courtesy: Great Falls Tribune (Letter to the Editor): Proud of Americans hockey team (October 5, 2015)