NOTE: A Special Thanks to Elijah Collins (ABC/FOX Montana Sports Reporter) for providing the video.

By Elijah Collins, ABC/FOX Montana Sports Reporter

March 26, 2021

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GREAT FALLS – Meanwhile the ice season for junior hockey is winding down in Montana with the playoffs set to start on April 1st and the Great Falls Americans will be the 2-seed out of the Frontier Conference and along with making the postseason once again, head coach Greg Sears is also celebrating a very big achievement as over the weekend, he got his 100th win with Americans.   Elijah Collins spoke with him about what that accomplishment means for him.

“Well it may  not have been an easy road for Coach Sears but with a top group of guys he was able to get the job done. Three years and more than 600 goals later, Coach Sears now sits at 104 wins with the Great Falls Americans and of course this will be a milestone he won’t forget,” said Elijah Collins.

“I owe it all to the players and the ownership and given the opportunity here its been three years that has flown by but we have had some good hockey players here and its a fun place to be for us and for me and my family,” said Greg Sears.

“Even though this achievement will go on to his name, Sears acknowledges that this couldn’t have happened without the help of his players. Coach Sears has been blessed to recruit alot of talented athletes since he has stepped into the head coach position and thankfully, he has been able to keep this tradition alive,” said Collins.

“When you are winning games, it helps and the kids are the best recruiters. We have a good Alaska pipeline and they tell their buddies adn they want to play here and it just kinda keeps going. But its finding the right character kids and that is what we have and its just consistency over the years and it seems to get easier,” said Sears.

“But now, he has a bigger goal in mind as the Americans prepare for next week’s playoff games, there goal now is to bring home the 2020-21 Fraser Cup. In Great Falls, Elijah Collins reporting.”

Story Courtesy: ABC/FOX Montana (KFBB): Sears pushes past 100 wins with the Americans (March 26, 2021)