NOTE: A Special Thanks to Leo Goldman (ABC/FOX Montana Sports Reporter) for providing the video.

By Leo Goldman, ABC/FOX Montana Sports Reporter

December 1, 2020


GREAT FALLS – The adjustment to coaching somewhere new and at a higher level is never easy, no matter what sport or level you are competing at.

For Americans defensive coach Kirk Golden, he is fitting in with the Americans like a hand and a glove.

“I just try to emulate good things I remember my favorite coaches did. I had a lot of good coaches growing up and Greg Sears is also a great coach and so I am learning from him as well,” said Kirk Golden.

“We have a lot of great guys that are real coachable and good character guys that is making the transition quite easy I guess.”

“He fits in good and it has been interesting last week going through some adversity with a couple of losses so we will see how we respond to that but no, he has done a nice job. He has brough a few nice players with him from Colorado, which we haven’t had in the past,” said Americans head coach Greg Sears.

“He is justgood with the guys he is never gets too high or too low that is a big one. He doesn’t take it too seriously as you will see by his face today so with his new mustache but he keeps the mood light and that’s good to have around. ”

Americans head coach Greg Sears says that one of the things most important during the hiring process for the assistant coach position was finding somebody truly eager to win and he believes he has found that in Golden.

“We did a nationwide search and took applications and Kirk came through on that search. It’s kind of how the league (NA3HL) works its a  development league for coaches so it’s pretty common for assistants to move up and I think that is Kirk’s expectation to is to gain some experience with us and look to move on in the future,” said Sears.

“He was a really good player. He had a heck of a resume. He played at Shattuck-St. Mary’s and college and pro hockey so he brings alot of experience for a young guy; a pretty hungry guy so he kind of fit what we were looking for.”

“I like to keep it light and I get to be the fun guy and kind of good cop/bad cop sometimes,” said Golden.

A few months into the season, Golden has high marks from Sears and his players. All that is left is to translate that high praise into some playoff victories.

Story Courtesy: ABC/FOX Montana (KFBB): Golden Opportunity: Americans Assistant Coach Making Most of New Coaching Job (December 1, 2020)