NOTE: A Special Thanks to Elijah Collins (ABC/FOX Montana Sports Reporter) for providing the video.

By Elijah Collins, ABC/FOX Montana Sports Reporter

March 13, 2020


After receiving the devastating news this morning, head coach Greg Sears and his team were in disbelief.

“It’s a tough day for us, being told that our season is going to be over,” said Americans Head Coach Greg Sears. “We are spending some time with our guys, practicing like normal this morning. Kinda gives us a chance to end our season on our own terms. Not against the Sheridan Hawks but against each other. But, at least we will get to go out on our own terms.”

From a player standpoint, you can only imagine just how hard it was for them to hear this news. Especially known that for some of these players it was their last go-around.

“It was pretty emotional this year,” said goaltender Viktor Wennberg. “I made friends for life and over here in this town and over the place. I would say this feels like home for me.”

During their time here, many of the players. have become family and with 10 guys leaving out the door next year, Sears leaves them with a little bit of excitement.

“Keep chasing dreams, they can go to college and play some college hockey and maybe coaches or professionals in other areas of life,” said Sears. “Just to do their best and hope they enjoyed their time here in Great Falls. The community support is unreal; it will always be a second home to these guys.”

But most importantly, the players are  grateful for all of the support they have received during their time here.

“I’d like to thank the persons every single one of the people that have been here,” said Wennberg. “It means so much having people care and make you feel special. That is what this town has made us feel and made me feel. I’m going to miss them.”

Story Courtesy: ABC/FOX Montana (KFBB) (March 13, 2020)