NOTE: A Special Thanks to Richard Tieman (ABC/FOX Montana Sports Reporter) for providing the video.

By Richard Tieman, ABC/FOX Montana Sports Reporter

September 29, 2022

GREAT FALLS, Mont. – The Americans came up short of the ultimate goal last year in the Frontier semifinals. But the road getting there was still impressive considering, on the road, is how they spent their first 11 games of the season.

Renovations to the Iceplex because of a leak, threw their schedule off this time last year, and with surprises like that hopefully being a thing of the past, Coach Sears describes the season so far as comfortable.

“We’re much more comfortable right now. We have a really good home schedule right now,” stated Americans Head Coach, Greg Sears. “We haven’t had to travel yet, so, it’s the complete opposite of last year. And it’s nice for the guys that were here last year to kind of experience a more traditional start.”

A more traditional start isn’t the only positive this year though, as the 2022 season brings new faces, reunites family, and provides leadership all in one. Veteran Alex Leaf, joins his brother in the Electric City, and brings a winning mentality in his last year of eligibility.

“Right now, obviously, we wanna get better every day, but our main goal in every game we play is we’re trying to win,” said Leaf. “There’s points on the board every day so, we need to get those points, we need to chase first place as much as we can. We’re just trying to win. I played on the East Coast last year and I’m more of a blue collar player. It didn’t fit me as much as out here did, and obviously my little brothers out here, and I haven’t played with him since I was like 4.”

“We have his brother Aaron here, who is a 2nd year guy for us, so getting them both was huge,” said Sears. “Alex comes from a championship team last year out East, in a different league so, yeah, getting that experience is huge and yeah, he’s definitely one of our leaders. I think we really have a good group of guys, character wise, on and off the ice, and that’s always a good sign this early. So, if we can continue to get along, play together, play for each other, it’ll be a good year.”

The Americans host the Helena Bighorns, Friday, September 30th at 7:30 pm.

Story Courtesy: ABC/FOX Montana (KFBB): Americans off to more “comfortable” start compared to last year (September 29, 2022)