ABC/FOX Montana (KFBB): Hometown Captain: Dylan Garton leads Great Falls Americans

By ABC/FOX Montana Sports Staff

January 10, 2015

“He’s a great leader and definitely deserves to be our captain,” said Connor Barta, Americans Defenseman.

In hockey, being team captain is a prestigious honor. It doesn’t always go to the best player, but it goes to the most respected one. And for the Americans, that’s Great Falls native Dylan Garton.

“He competes every single night and he works hard. I think that’s what you want out of a captain. You want someone that’s respected and it’s great when you have someone that’s liked but really we like him because he goes and does what he needs to do,” said Dylan Garton.

A former CMR Rustler, Garton was born and raised in Great Falls, so being the captain of his hometown team is a true honor.

“It’s just an unbelievable feeling. When I was little I would always go to the Four Seasons to watch them play and hockey has been such a big apart of my life that it’s nice to bring back here do it for the fans,” said Dylan Garton,” Americans Captain.

Garton may not be the most skilled player on the ice, but he’s the hardest working and does whatever he can to make an impact.

I try and make presence known by being physical, being in the front of the net, tipping pucks, grinding and if the occasional puck goes in then good day for me,” said Garton.

“He comes from a family that works very very hard and it shows. He wants to work, just very blue-collar, nice person but kind of mean on the nice which we like. And he’s active in the community just kind of the total package there,” said Heimel.

Garton is the unquestioned leader of the Great Falls Americans, and as the hometown kid, it’s something he’s proud of and something he will always remember.

Story Courtesy: ABC/FOX Montana (KFBB): Hometown Captain: Dylan Garton lead Great Falls Americans (January 10, 2015)